Bidroom FAQ for Visa Cardholders

What makes Bidroom different from other hotel booking websites?
Is Bidroom safe to use?
Why do I need to log in to see my offers?
Can I search for places with specific amenities, such as a swimming pool or free parking?
How can I make a special request? For example: a sea view, an extra bed or a champagne bottle?
How can I create my account?
Why do I need to put my cc details?
I forgot my password, how can I change it?
How do I search for hotels?
How can I look for places with specific amenities?
How do I know my hotel reservation is confirmed?
Can I make a reservation without a credit card?
When will I be charged?
Do I need to bring my booking confirmation to check in to the hotel?
How can I cancel my booking?
Can I cancel my booking for free?

Feel free to drop an email to our support gurus

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