We love hotels that love the planet

And, we're here to help you make eco-conscious bookings!

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Eco-certified means a better tomorrow

If a hotel has an eco label certification, it's been recognized for its work in environmental protection and sustainable practices.

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Proper waste management

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Reduction of water usage

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Healthy, sustainable culinary offer for hotel guests

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Conscious use of chemicals and pesticides

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CO2 emissions and energy demand are reduced

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Promoting high-quality, sustainable services

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We Partner with Experts

Below are the organizations Bidroom partners with, who establish global standards for sustainable travel or certify tourism establishments to adhere to the strict criteria in the field of environmental responsibility and sustainable operation within the tourism industry.

Global Sustainable Tourism Council
Green Key Award
EU Ecolabel
Green globe
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Curious about our Eco-label hotels?

You can spot hotels that hold these sought after credentials with the eco-certified label. Guests at these hotels can rest easy, knowing that they're part of the solution - while not giving up any luxuries.

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