No commission to hotels. Better deals for travel lovers.

Founded with the mission to make the hotel industry fair for both travellers and hotels, Bidroom is the first membership-based marketplace for travel lovers. Hotels get bookings with no commission, and instead, they offer discounts and added perks to members.

Bidroom in numbers

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The hotel industry is broken. We’re working to fix it.

Online travel agencies and public booking platforms have made it easier for travellers to find and book hotels, but this convenience comes with a price. Hotels are dependent on these platforms to get business, and they have to pay up to 30% commission on every booking they get. We’re building a community where hotels can offer better deals to members, because they’re not losing revenue to commission fees.

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bidroom icon 2015, December Testing phase complete

After a year of testing, Michael and Casper officially launch the revolutionary platform. Bidroom is now live.

buildings icon 2016, March New office opened in Kraków, Poland

A small team starts sales, marketing, PR and IT operations under Michael’s supervision in a restored 14th-century palace, right on Kraków’s Main Square.

bidroom icon 2016, November No commission & membership model

Bidroom undergoes some big changes. The low commission model for hotels is replaced with a commission-free model, and a subscription model for users is introduced. The website is made available in eight languages.

Our Team

The Bidroom team is a forward thinking, proactive and innovative group of professionals led by highly experienced hospitality industry experts.

Michael Ros CEO
John Stoffers CFO
Francesco Monaco Member of the Board
Maurizio Tripi CTO
Bas Tolmeijer Chairman of the Board
Caroline Dal'Lin Commercial Vice President
Marcin Wesołowski Director of Operations
Jolanta Jamroz-Kończak Head of Sales
Paulina Regucka Director of Customer Lifecycle
Marta Balicka Head of Partnership Activation
Magdalena Opioła Senior Business Development Manager
Kristian Lupinski Events & Hospitality Partnership Manager
Gosia Piaścik Email Marketing Specialist
Mohamed El Badre Business Development Intern
Izabela Krzanowska Senior Sales Manager, Italy&France
Sean Donaldson Sales Manager UK & Ireland, North America
Mohammed Mahfouz Hussien Mahfouz Ismail Senior Sales Manager, MENA
Mariem Benbouazza Senior Sales Manager, France&Morocco
Ihsane El Amrani Sales Manager APAC Greece Croatia
Laura Castillo Senior Sales Manager Spain Portugal LATAM
Adnan Mordeniz Country Manager Turkey
Łukasz Dworak Social Media Manager
Basia Nelson Content Writer
Martyna Micał Graphic Designer
Paula Chełpa Graphic Designer
Wiola Grzegorzak Operations Manager
Kasia Dragon Community Manager
Iwona Leśniak Senior Recruiter
Krzysztof Śnieżyński Technical Leader
Rafał Matałowski Scrum Master
Eugenia Pavlinchuk Product Manager
Kamil Kaczmarek Product Manager
Daniel Carvalho Gady Fernandes De Carvalho Project Manager
Piotr Mleczko Project Manager
Dominika Sagan Localization Lead
Thomas Romański Support Manager
Mateusz Bernacki IT Support Specialist
Zofia Łojewska IT Support Specialist
Alexandros Aslanidis Back Office Specialist
Kamila Mikinko Project Manager
Michał Juraszek Data Analyst
Robert Stokłosa Data Analyst
Paweł Kufel UX/UI Designer
Ola Zajdel UX/UI Designer
Wojciech Gierczak QA Specialist
Ewa Kotańska QA Engineer
Marcin Kalitka DevOps
Eryk Śmiech DevOps
Kamil Łopata Software Engineer
Sebastian Mieszczańczyk Software Engineer
Mateusz Mazurkiewicz Software Engineer
Kamil Paśko Software Engineer
Krystian Chmura Software Engineer
Wojciech Dobija Software Engineer
Celso Victoria Da Costa Lima Software Engineer
Martin Honek Software Engineer
Grzegorz Celek Software Engineer
Rafał Salwa Software Engineer
Wioletta Czardybon Software Engineer
Maciej Skoczeń Software Engineer
Angela Romanovska Software Engineer Intern
Aziz Khujaev Software Engineer
Damian Mąsior Software Engineer
Karolina Zając Software Engineer
Patryk Gajewski Software Engineer
Paweł Chyła Software Engineer

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