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Bidroom in numbers

User icon 85 employees
Flag icon 19 nationalities
Coffee cup icon 234 coffees per day
Glove icon 5 fighters
100% passionate
Marker icon 152 countries visited
Paw icon 3 dogs
Pen icon 38 employees with a master's degree
Tone icon 3 singers

Idea behind Bidroom

Our founders launched after having countless conversations with hoteliers and hearing about their frustration with paying high commission and having no control over their revenue and communication with their guests. We want to change that and make the market a fairer place for hotels and their guests. The concept of Bidroom brings fairness to the hospitality industry. We are a bridge connecting the hotels to their guests directly, giving control back to the hotels and the best prices possible to our members.

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bidroom icon 2015, December Testing phase complete

After a year of testing, Michael and Casper officially launch the revolutionary platform. Bidroom is now live.

Our Team

The Bidroom team is a forward thinking, proactive and innovative group of professionals led by highly experienced hospitality industry experts.

Michael Ros CEO
John Stoffers CFO
Francesco Monaco CCO
Maurizio Tripi CTO
Bas Tolmeijer Chairman of the Board
Pauline VP Marketing & Communications
Caroline Director of Business Development
Marcin Director of Operations
Jolanta Head of Hotel Community Growth
Szymon Head of Brand
Celso Software Engineer
Ram Email Marketing Specialist
Kasia Software Engineer
Dmitriy Head of Performance
Johanna Business Development Sustainability
Martin Software Engineer
Grace Content Writer
Artur Data Analyst
Justyna Business Development China
Jakub Software Engineer
Ania Social Media Specialist
Sebastian Software Engineer
Wiola Operations Manager
Kasia Office Manager
Emilia Content Manager
Marta Customer Success
Michał Software Engineer
Kamil Software Engineer
Natalia Software Engineer
Grzegorz Software Engineer
Sebastian Software Engineer
Eugenia Product Manager
Dominika Localization Lead
Daniel Project Manager
Izabela Senior Hotel Community Growth Manager
Lidiia Senior Hotel Community Growth Manager
David Fintech Business Development Manager
Thomas IT Support Manager
Kamil Business Analyst
Liliia Partnership Manager
Mohammed Hotel Community Growth Manager MENA
Paweł UX/UI Designer
Alex Hotel Community Growth Manager
Kasia Recruitment Manager
Adnan Country Manager Turkey
Monika Back Office Manager
Stephen Senior Hotel Community Growth Manager
Ignacio Senior Hotel Community Growth Manager
Kamil Software Engineer
Alexandros Back Office Specialist
Kristian PR & Event Manager
Wojtek Quality Assurance Specialist
Sean Hotel Community Growth Manager UK&Ireland
Martyna Graphic Designer
Tommi Partnership Manager
Piotr Project Manager
Daria Data Analyst
Katarzyna Partnership Project Specialist
Kamil Software Engineer
Tomasz Software Engineer

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